About us

Why we created Hitpages

Hitpages was launched in 2015 with the goal of substantially improving the discoverability of enterprise documents publically available in Internet. These multi-page documents are typically produced with Microsoft Office tools and published as PDFs. Our service covers millions of multi-page documents, and its coverage increases every day.

We are engaged serving Internet users like ourselves; professional people searching content for their presentations, having need to dive deep into product manuals, looking for specific details available only in official product brochures or having a need to quickly screen thru lots of background materials available in white papers, studies, presentations and research articles.

We believe that the user experience the leading web search engines provide for searching multi-page documents can be significantly improved, and consequently help users to find the content they are after much faster and more accurately than ever before!

We want to make all those Internet distributed enterprise documents more findable and give them status they deserve. Companies, organizations and individuals have saved their best thoughts, ideas, arguments and data into them. With Hitpages service, we want to make sure that all the content already made publically available will also stand a good chance of reaching their intended audiences. The best way to do this is thru Internet search and social media channels.

We are committed to ensure our users find relevant content hidden inside multi-page documents the fastest way possible. At the same time, we help document publishers to reach their intended audiences better.

With Hitpages, all those valuable but hard to explore multi-page documents are back in the game again, ready to be discovered, downloaded, consumed online and shared - using any device running a web browser!

Things you can do with Hitpages

  • View documents online with web browser
  • Share document pages using popular social media services
  • Express your liking to a certain document or an individual page
  • Leave comments on document pages, engage in discussions with other users
  • Discover documents based on their popularity and discussion activity
  • Search documents with advanced preview capabilities
  • Translate documents with online translation services

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Your feedback is important to us. Let us know how we should improve Hitpages service in order to serve you better.

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