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School system providers and contacts

Physicians, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals who can serve individuals with autism and can help with getting the diagnostic services necessary for service eligibility

Therapy services such as speech/communication, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy and supports, social skills training and supports, etc.

c)  Training, Education and Technical Assistance including, but not limited to:

Autism Spectrum Disorders, ICAP process and procedures, autism services and programs, Medicaid waivers, communication, behavioral and sensory needs etc. to school personnel, DDDS Family Support Specialists and Case Managers, other state agencies, health care professionals, families, etc.

Ongoing training opportunities for all service providers and state agency personnel involved in service delivery

On-site technical assistance to service providers and case managers on working with specific individuals

d)  Public Awareness:

Raise awareness of services and supports for individuals with autism

Advertise the Central Office’s mission and functions

Work collaboratively with state autism organizations and other disability groups to further develop services for adults on the autism spectrum  

e)Long Range Planning:

The office should use the 2005 Study on Best Practices for Adults with Autism developed by the Autism Society of Delaware, and the service survey completed by the Task Force as a blueprint for developing a long range Delaware plan for autism spectrum disorder services and supports.


The Legislature should provide initial funding of $200,000 per annum for the Office and require it to report back within a year concerning the proposed details of its operations and recommendations for the long term approach to meeting the needs of adults with autism in Delaware.

Additionally, Delaware needs to

Review and expand the use of all funding sources (HUD, Section 8, food stamps, fees for service, etc.) available.

Review and amend as necessary every existing Medicaid waiver and all planned or proposed waivers including the proposed DDDS Self Directed Supports waiver that could potentially be used to support services and programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This assures that state funds are leveraged with federal funds to the maximum extent

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