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26. How can we place index to a second column in the table i.e. there is already one index and I want to place another index for the column on the table?

27. Items are imported from the legacy system using the item import interface using the SRS.  How are items imported using the UNIX /PLSQL commands with out using SRS?

A) From the operating system, use CONCSUB to submit a concurrent program. It's an easiest way to test a concurrent program.

Normally, CONCSUB submits a concurrent request and returns control to the OS  prompt/shell script without waiting for the request to complete.  The CONCSUB WAIT parameter can be used to make CONCSUB wait until the request has completed before returning control to the OS prompt/shell script

By using the WAIT token, the utility checks the request status every 60 seconds and returns to the operating system prompt upon completion of the request. concurrent manager does not abort, shut down, or start up until the concurrent request completes. If your concurrent program is compatible with itself, we can check it for data integrity and deadlocks by submitting it many times so that it runs concurrently with itself.

Syntax: CONCSUB <ORACLE ID> <Responsibility Application Short Name> <Responsibility Name> <User Name> [WAIT=<Wait Flag] CONCURRENT <Concurrent Program Application Short Name> <Concurrent Program Name> [START=<Requested Start Date>] [REPEAT_DAYS=<Repeat Interval>] [REPEAT_END=<Request Resubmission End Date>] <Concurrent Program Arguments ...>

To pass null parameters to CONCSUB, use '""' without spaces for each null parameter.  

In words:     single quote  double quote  double quote  single quote   

Following is an example of CONCSUB syntax with null parameters:       

CONCSUB oe/oe OE 'Order Entry Super User' JWALSH      CONCURRENT XOE XOEPACK 4 3 '""' 3

B) To Invoke a Concurrent Program using PL/SQL:

i) Just insert a row in FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS with the apropriate parameters and commit.

ii)  Invoke the SUBMIT_REQUEST procedure in FND_REQUEST package.


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