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Nested Tables

Partitioned Tables

33.What is Data cleaning and testing.

A) Data Cleaning: Transformation of  data in its current state to a pre-defined, standardized format  using packaged software or program modules.

Data Testing: The agreed upon conversion deliverables should be approved by the client representatives who are responsible for the success of the conversion. In addition, three levels of conversion testing have been identified and described in the prepare conversion test plans deliverables.

Eg: for Summary Balances in GL we set Test Criteria as Record Counts, Hash Totals, Balances, Journal Debit and Credit.

34. While registering a report and a pl/sql block we pass some parameters, for any pl/sql block we pass 2 additional parameters. Can u list them?

A) It requires two IN parameters for a PL/SQL procedure that's registered as a concurrent program in Apps.  They are

1. Errcode IN VARCHAR2

2. Errbuff    IN VARCHAR2

35) what is a trace file?

A) when ever an internal error is detected by a process in oracle it dumps the information about the error into a trace file.

Alter session set sql_trace=TRUE

36 ) When do you use Ref Cursors?

We base a query on a ref cursor when you want to:

i) More easily administer SQL

ii) Avoid the use of lexical parameters in your reports

iii) Share data sources with other applications, such as Form Builder

iv) Increase control and security

v) Encapsulate logic within a subprogram

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