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MIT units can be installed anywhere in the floor grid.

Through pulse-width modulation cycles, the

air valve on the MIT provides silent comfort.

The key FlexSyscomponent:

The latest terminal technology

The YORK FlexSys System provides a UFAD solution through an advanced terminal design known as the Modular Integrated Terminal (MIT). Because YORK is committed to continuous product improvement, we’ve enhanced the MIT for maximum flexibility and performance. With the FlexSys System, the entire volume under the floor becomes a pressurized air- handling space. Consequently, MITs can be installed anywhere within the raised floor grid. When the layout changes, so can the location of any terminal, which saves installation and maintenance time. Delivering air at a consistent velocity at partial loads with sufficient throw avoids creating cold puddles of air that compromise comfort and efficiency—a common problem that exists with constant-volume solutions.

Pulse-width modulation valve

Because building occupants may complain when they are uncomfortable, it is important to maintain temperature and humidity comfort levels. Based on state-of-the-art, digital technology, MIT units employ a pulse-width modulation (PWM) valve that automatically adjusts individual terminals, using time-modulation logic and digital accuracy to maintain thermostat set points. The fully integrated high-efficiency motor uses a timed sequence of fully open or closed positions, based on load, to silently supply cooling or heating to the space. This digital technology also allows the system to react very quickly to changes in load or desired comfort levels.

Improved aesthetics increase appeal

With the FlexSys System, your indoor comfort is not only more architecturally pleasing, but also more eye pleasing:

  • Terminal interiors can be painted to match your carpet or room color

  • Choose from a selection of standard grille colors or specify a custom color to complement your décor

  • No fire code compliance issues — unlike some competitor’s plastic grilles, the FlexSys System diffuser grilles are made of die-cast aluminum which maintains structural integrity in a fire, ensuring safe egress for emergency personnel and occupants

  • 2-piece repositionable grille is standard on the MIT models:

    • offers up to 16 different air flow patterns compared to the single, fixed-flow pattern of some competitive products


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