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Improved Modular Integrated Terminals

  • grille slots are less than .30" in width in accordance with OSHA and ASTM standards for shoe-heel safety

A– grilles are load-bearing up to 1250 pounds in accordance with RAF

standard specifications

  • New personal control diffusers (PCD) with consistent velocity have been added to the line.

Complete controls integration

With FlexSys MIT units, control and power wiring are located under the floor, so they can be connected to the terminals via “plug- and-play” connectors. Terminals can be added or removed to meet changing loads, and control zones can be added or rearranged as easily as the furniture.

Control zones — consisting of one or more MIT units — can be created wherever needed. Zoning limitations of constant volume systems with underfloor dividing walls are a thing of the past. The FlexSys System offers true plug-and-play technology. Each zone can be as large or as small as desired, simplifying thermostat placement and power supply. It’s a new level of adaptability that speeds installation and lowers costs.

Options for perimeter heat

The FlexSys System design incorporates 2-stage fan-assisted, perimeter-heat boxes with electric-resistance fin-tube or water-fin- tube coils. While this is the most efficient and cost-effective method of adding heat, the FlexSys System is compatible with other, more traditional, system perimeter solutions such as fin-tube or baseboard radiant heat. Contact your local YORK representative for details.

Satisfy individual needs with personal control diffusers

YORK has developed a new, manually adjustable, personal control diffuser with the same great consistent velocity and directional control as our MITs. Whether you have a constant load, as in an equipment room; or if individual terminals are desired, the new, manually adjustable diffuser for the FlexSys System ensures individual comfort and satisfying options.

These manually adjusted, directional diffusers are available in round or square configurations. The grille is simply rotated for directional control, and a recessed thumb wheel adjusts the volume flow.

YORK PCDs are available in two sizes. One is designed specifically for use in an individual office environment. The other is a larger, general-purpose diffuser that may be applied either in large office spaces or in an open environment.





Modular Integrated Terminals:

A) Personal control diffusers come in two different CRM ratings depending on application.

B) Pulse-width modulation valve diffusers are available with adjustable direction grilles, C) a selection of standard and custom colors, as well as square and D) round configurations.

Thermostat placement is easy for any zone size.


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