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In addition to providing enough space for the musicians, there needs to be a dedicated area for the director.

This area needs to be large enough so the director has a comfortable area to work in. Usually a director area will have at least a podium with a stool on it as well as a music stand. A larger setup will have a full workstation. Behind the director there will be whiteboards. Often, there will also be a piano, stereo equipment and/or computer in this space.

There will need to be enough room between the podium and the back wall so the director can use the whiteboards. It’s also just as important not to get the podium too close to the group. More and more, we are talking to band and orchestra directors who are being diagnosed with permanent hearing damage from teaching in rooms which are too small. Thus, positioning the director a comfortable distance from the musicians is very important. And when a director can position the podium about eight feet from the front row of the group, sightlines and peripheral vision will also be improved.

Director Area 350 sq. ft.


Elementary band and orchestra directors often teach at more than one school within the district. When they have an office at each facility, their job is much more efficient.

An office with a lock provides a secure, organized area. It means the director won’t have to work out of a briefcase or keep track of music, lesson programs or miscellaneous equipment that must constantly be packed up and moved between facilities.

The offices can also be used as individual lesson rooms. Students at this age are often in their first or second year with an instrument, and require one-on-one tutoring. It’s a big part of any elementary band or orchestra program and there needs to be a smaller, sound-isolated room where individual lessons can take place free from distractions.

Instrumental Office and Individual Lesson Area 300 sq. ft.

When the instrumental offices are large enough, they also provide an excellent area for the sheet music storage. A mature program will have a significant investment in both lesson books and sheet music. Whether the music is kept in mobile folio cabinets or in a Music Library System, large band and orchestra offices provide safe, organized areas to store the music library.


Instrumental Storage Room

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