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Andhra Pradesh. In 2006-07 about 40% of the ‘Bayer farmers’ in AP received credit from banks with an 8% interest rate. The company had some difficulties in implementing this scheme due to non-cooperation from its seed organisers. Most of the seed organisers are also money lenders and they are afraid that if farmers get cheap credit from banks they lose their business.

Creative Learning Centres Though there is some improvement in the functioning of Creative Learning Centres they are, compared to 2005-06, still unable to attract many target group children. Most of the children admitted in these centres are young children in the age group of 5 to 8 years who do not work in cottonseed farms or other activities. It is welcome if Creative Learning Centres cater to the needs of all types of children, but these centres should also address the needs of the target group for which they were established. One of the reasons why these centres have not been able to attract the children working on cottonseed farms is the lack of community motivation and mobilisation activities at village level which is typical of the comprehensive approach of the MV Foundation. It was also found that there is a lack of coordination between the education programme and other interventions of the companies. Monsanto, which is also supporting some of these centres, has cancelled its contract with Naandi Foundation in May 2007 due to lack of progress.


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