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The Alpha Geek Outfit

The fall season is upon us. See how we dressed up our favorite geek with the latest Freshwear look.

By Darci Wood August 6, 2001

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The Products Gang had three garment items come in, and I was the first person they thought of. I immediately ordered Patrick Norton's size in each item and proceeded to play Ken doll with Patrick.

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Surprisingly, Patrick was a good sport about it. Even when I discussed possible music and a catwalk, he smiled (I still check my cubicle daily for booby traps, though).

Dockers Mobile Pant


The first item in was the new Dockers Mobile Pant (not to be confused with pants). They look like regular Dockers, but they have seven hidden mesh pockets for the gadget geek: room for a PDA, cell phone, pager, and more. The pockets have seam zippers that help to conceal the extra storage areas. They are made of 100 percent cotton and will be available this fall in khaki, black, and olive for about $52.

Scott eVest

The next item up: the Scott eVest, version 1.0. Tons of pockets and pockets-in-pockets satisfy the needs of even the most wired user. All your gizmos will fit in the pockets, which are roomy enough to hold a beverage. The whole thing can be removed to run through an airport X-ray machine.

Scott eVest has a personal area network (PAN) inside the vest to help you handle your devices. The PAN consists of a hidden conduit for running a microphone wire or headphone cord to the pocket containing your device.

The eVest comes in black and khaki and is expected to retail for around $159.

Sanyo Palm Coat

To top off this ensemble, we added the Sanyo Palm Coat, a jacket with hidden pockets for your PDA and cell phone. The cell phone pocket has an anti-magnetic, static-shield lining. Like the Scott eVest, the Palm Coat allows you to put your devices into the jacket and simply remove it to place on the belt at the airport security counter. Sanyo should start rolling out the coat this fall for about $350.

No outfit is complete without the accessories

Besides saddling down my hero with the latest gadgets to fill his

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