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PEOPLE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES: Displays to Accompany Survey Findings July, 2000 - page 24 / 31





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Emerging Theme #5: Newspapers are more effective at and inclined to manage “vertically” versus “horizontally”

The standards we use for selecting internal candidates for open positions are set at relatively high levels

The selection standards we use for outside hires are set at relatively high levels

Selection of qualified people for position vacancies is a top priority of our newspaper's leaders

We encourage self-nomination to open positions

Our selection process is efficient (i.e. provides us with qualified people quickly)

When we consider candidates from outside the newspaper to fill job openings, the size and quality of our external applicant pool is strong (i.e., we consistently choose among many qualified candidates)

Our leaders are held accountable for attracting and selecting high-caliber candidates from outside the industry


“Top Strengths”

“Greatest Weaknesses”


Our newspaper's leaders place a high priority on developing people

Managers generally help their subordinates meet their career aspirations

Qualified employees generally demonstrate sufficient initiative in developing their own skills

Our newspaper possesses and continuously updates a newspaper-wide database that keeps track of competencies and skills individuals need to succeed in their positions

Attending training programs for at least 35 hours a year is strongly encouraged by our newspaper

Our organization systematically and regularly reviews its talent pools frequently (i.e. at least twice a year)

We believe that one of the primary purposes of performance management in our newspaper is to support the execution of our business strategy

Performance evaluations entail a discussion of an employee's performance, including the manager's own perspective on the employee's performance

Performance evaluation discussions focus both on recent performance and identifying development needs

Our strategies and strategic plans are regularly communicated so that all employees understand how their performance expectations are linked to them

Each person's performance evaluation incorporates input from people within the company who are impacted by their work

Performance evaluations incorporate input from the employee's peers/ team


Performance Management

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