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Commander’s Column

Captian David Throop Commander Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod

Since assuming Command of Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod I have been impressed with the cooperation and team effort required to manage a joint operations base like the MMR. I want to thank the many people on the MMR that have helped me to better understand the patchwork of State and Federal organizations that are responsible for making the MMR a safe and enjoyable place to work and live.

My change of command coincided with spring which begins the busiest operational periods for Air Station Cape Cod as the warm weather draws many people to New England shorelines for the multitude of water activities available, especially on the Cape and Islands. Summer is also the time when many Coast Guard members rotate to new units which means unfamiliarity with the colder water temperatures and unpredictable weather. Adding to the increase in operational tempo, the Air Station is deploying aircraft and crews to support the Federal response to the on-going oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout this hectic season, I ask everyone to be safe and look out for your Shipmates, family, and friends.

alert, wear proper clothing, obey common sense safety rules and above all SLOW DOWN, especially with school getting out soon.

Finally, we are in unauthorized areas. unregistered vehicles.

cracking down on Base housing is Please operate your

ATV usage off-limits to ATV in only










In all of these issues, I would like for the Base to be self regulating and self policing. However, continued problems will require the State Police and the Base Security to become more visible and active. So please do not risk personnel injury or possible loss of base privileges by violating the rules of the road.

On a more positive note, many parts of the base are coming to life. Softball, BBQ’s, Temp Quarters, the Base Pool, fishing and many other outdoor activities are getting under way. Please contact MWR for the full line up of events and activities.

I also request that all drivers SLOW DOWN. The increased outdoors activities and the Army exercise this June will significantly increase base traffic. It is incumbent upon all of us to drive, bike and jog safely. So please be

Kaehler Korner

Health care during transfer

CWO Erik Andersen, Air Station Cape Cod The transfer season is once again upon us and many will be on the road to new units and visiting family and friends along the way. Take a minute to review any medical needs you and your family might have.

Do not get routine care, you may be responsible for a hefty bill. Military members: Contact your supervisor anytime you receive care while away from your unit. Call your PCM upon return for a duty status.

On arrival at new unit

BEFORE TRAVEL- PLAN AHEAD See your PCM for any prescription refills Get any medical conditions checked Pick up prescription refills Ensure ID is valid/not expired and DEERS is up to date Pack your TRICARE enrollment cards Try to get school physicals before you leave your PCM

If you use Prime, enroll at your new location (mandatory for Active Duty) Update DEERS Schedule a new patient appointment for your children at their new PCM Don’t assume that anything is “automatic”, call and find out!

ON THE ROAD Go to the ER for emergency care (care required to prevent loss of life, limb or sight, to relive significant pain or suffering). Urgent care centers may be OK but call TRICARE first if possible. Call your PCM and TRICARE within 24 hours of emergency care. Urgent care (conditions that need to be treated within 24 hours). CALL YOUR PCM/TRICARE BEFORE GETTING CARE.

Kaehler Clinic 508-968-6582/6572 Tricare 877-tricare (877-874-2273) Tricare Pharmacy 866-dod-trrx (866- 363-1303) Deers - 800-538-9552 Tricare Dental - 800-866-8499



June 2010

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THE OTIS NOTICE P.O. Box 571 Osterville, MA 02655 Phone (508) 428-8900 Email Otis@LujeanPrinting.com

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USCG and family members, MA Army & Air NG Federal employees and family members, USDA-APHIS and family members

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

EAP professional resources are available to help you resolve life difficulties and challenges, both on and off the job, so that you are happier, more focused, and consequently more productive.

Michael Paul Lally ................................................Publisher Gerry Lynn Galati...................................... Graphics Mngr. Michael Camire..............................................Sports Editor Norm Hoppensteadt............................. Editor & Ad Mngr.

EAP services are free and confidential 800-222-0364 – 24/7 www.foh4you.com

Your local FOH EAP consultant at MMR:

Christopher Andersen, MA, LMHC Chapel Support Bldg. / 1015 S. Inner Rd. ASCC, MA 02542 508-968-6541 - weekdays

The Otis Notice is published monthly for the Massachusetts Military Reservation and the Combined Commands.

In addition,

DEADLINE for the next issue of The Otis Notice is Wednesday, June 24, 2010. The publish date for the next issue of The Otis Notice is July 1, 2010. News copy may be mailed to P.O. Box 571, Osterville, MA 02655, faxed to 508-428-8524 or e-mailed (Word, MS Publisher, PDFs or within message) to L.printing@ comcast.net. For information about display ads, call 508-428-8900.

Attention: USCG and family members, and USDA-APHIS and family members

Work/Life Services (WorkLife4YOU)

Work/Life Services, a professional telephonic research and referral resource, are available 24/7 to help you address caregiving and work/life balance issues by providing expert consultations and personalized referrals to providers (child care, adult care, etc.) anywhere nationwide,

Work/Life services are free and confidential. Call 800-222-0364 – 24/7 access and ask to be referred to a work/life specialist Website: www.worklife4you.com APHIS Screen Name: aphis (case sensitive) and Password: lifespan (case sensitive) USCG Screen Name and Password: uscg (case sensitive)

h e a l t h y b o d i e s s o u n d m i n d s a s a f e

place to work

How To Transfer Your Montgomery G.I. Bill Post 9/11 Benefits To A Family Member

Courtesy of the Seagull

To transfer your post 9/11 Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits to a family member, the first step is to determine our eligibility for the program. Do you have over 90 days aggregate of active duty/title 10 time after Sept. 11, 2001? This does not include basic training or technical school. If the answer is yes, you qualify for this benefit. Not sure? Call the retention office at (508) 968-4077. e can help you with the guess work, or call the V.A. Education center at 1-888-442-4551. Keep in mind the V.A. makes the final determination on eligibility.

The next step is logging on the web site: www.gib. va.gov and proceeding to “step two” on the tab. Open the tab and look for “to apply for TEB (Transfer of Educational Benefits)here”. Click on the underlined “here”, it will take you to the DMDC (DEERS) site. Once logged into the site, you should see family members who are enrolled in DEERS. If they do not appear on this page, click on the “edit” button on the right side on their name to proceed to the election page. Please leave the “transfer end date” blank and use the arrow keys to indicate the months you would like to transfer. Click save and it will take you back to the TEB page. Make sure all of the blocks are checked off before hitting the submit button.

Step three: fill out the .A. form 22-1990. This is a fairly easy form to complete. Inside part ii, please check off 9a and 9f to include the appropriate MGIB election. The rest of the form is self explanatory. If possible attach any and all DD form 214’s as a source document. If the VA records are not complete or updated, this will be your proof of service. Upon completion of this form, it can either be uploaded using the veteran’s on-line application web site (VONAPP) or mailing it to the regional buffalo NY office. The address is located on the last page of instruction.

Last step: once you receive the letter of eligibility for the post 9/11 MGIB from the V.A., the family member who will be receiving the benefit will fill out a.A. form 22- 1990e in its entirety. Please check off 9a inside part ii, and complete part v with the service member’s information. Once completed, it can be sent in via VONAPP, mail, or the family member’s school V.A. office

American Red Cross Opens Resource Center on Mass Military Reservation

The Cape Cod and Islands Chapter, American Red Cross is pleased to announce the operational opening of the Red Cross Resource Center on the Massachusetts Military Reservation on Tuesday, May 25, 2010. The resource center is located next to the Army National Guard Billeting Office (near the Roxy movie theater.)

The Red Cross Resource Center is initially scheduled to be open for two hours a day but more permanent hours will be posted. The Center will have three computers, a video option and email to communicate overseas. Get to Know Us Before You Need Us brochures, pre-deployment and Return information, Psychological First Aid, CPR/AED class information, stickers and activities for the kids and magnets with important phone numbers will be on-hand free of charge. Light refreshments will be available during visits.

The Resource Center will be manned by volunteers who are trained in providing Service to the Armed Forces and Military Families. The chapter is pleased to collaborate with military retirees and various Veterans’ Groups in the area for this purpose.

Harry Wattling, a volunteer from Dennis and former Air Force Maintenance Technician has been working along with Glen Beasley, Executive Director (former Army Ranger), Red Cross Board member CDR. Elizabeth Young, Coast Guard and base Commanders of Army National Guard, Air National Guard and Coast Guard as well as AmeriCorps volunteers and the West Barnstable Fire Department to establish this Resource Center.

The opening of the Red Cross Resource Center is extremely timely as a major exercise is scheduled in June with some 3,000 military expected to be on the base.

An official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is currently being planned for June 16th at 1 p.m.

For more information about the Service to the Armed Forces and Military Families , contact American Red Cross, Cape Cod and Islands Chapter, 286 South Street, Hyannis, MA 02601, (508) 775-1540 or check out www.cciredcross. org

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