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The Presentation Convent:

Fr. Fitzpatrick had the Convent building ready for the Sisters in 1840. He brought three Presentation Sisters from the Killarney community for this foundation. Vocations offered and an extension was necessary. This was erected in 1861 and comprises the second block which now adjoins the Parish Church. A third addition was made in 1907, the present refectory etc.

Drishane Convent:

Drishane Convent was founded in 1909 by the Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus whose order was established in France in 1662 by Rev. Nicholas Barre, a friar Minim and Spiritual Director of St. John Baptist de la Salle.

In March 1909 the first members of the Community arrived and the first Mass was celebrated on May 25. The official opening took place on Sept. 8, 1909. Most Rev. Dr. Mangan presided at the Solemn Mass of Transfiguration. Canon Casey, P.P. Millstreet was celebrant and he was assisted by Rev. J. O'Connor, Bishop's Secretary.

The first Industries: To fulfil the conditions imposed by Dr. Mangan of giving employment to the workmen of the locality and thus preventing emigration, three industries were established:- Sawmills, Lime-kilns and a knitting industry. The passing of the years saw the disappearance of the sawmills and lime-kilns but to the present day the knitting industry flourishes giving steady employment to local girls who, when fully trained, are able to secure more lucrative employment in larger town.1 2

In October 1909 the Novitiate was opened for the purpose of supplying the missions in Malaya and Japan with subjects eager to devote themselves in pagan lands to the salvation of souls. During the short period of 25 years over 200 postulants have entered the Novitiate and many of them have gone to Malaya, Japan and U. S. A., where, by their spirit of apostolic zeal and self-sacrifice they have won thousands of souls to the true faith.

In September 1911, the boarding-school, providing secondary education, was opened. It accommodates over 120 pupils who, in addition to sound religious training, are successfully prepared for public examinations.

In August 1912, the first Profession ceremony took place and soon after, the first missionary sisters embarked for Malaya and Japan respectively carrying the gospel of Christ to thousands of pagan souls.

1 2 Drishane Sisters came in 1907, established saw mills in 1912-3 giving employment to about 10 men. (This was) destroyed by fire and not rebuilt. A knitting factory was then established and still employs about (gap) girls. Lime kilns were opened and worked 1912 - 1934 employing 9 or 10 men.


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