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This Denis had a son John born 1814 who succeeded to the estate and lived in Coomlogane till 1896. Thus he was landlord of a large part of the parish during the difficult years of the land war. It was Denis of Glyn who laid out the beautiful park and the woodland that fringed the estate. Already in 1800 he had built the Georgian mansion that lasted till the War of Independence.

This John McCarthy O'Leary, born 1814, died 1896, had eight children.2 4 His wife was Mary O'Connell according to our Baptismal Book which gives the baptism of Maurice. She was a niece of the Liberator.

John left the estate to his son William, born 1849, killed in the Boer War 1900. William married a Considine and had five children - John, Donogh, William, Mollie and Amy. His eldest son John inherited the estate. John married a Dublin woman and had one daughter, Elizabeth. He died young and his widow remarried (?). His daughter Elizabeth married Sir Maurice O'Connell and lived in Killarney. Mollie is still living in Dublin - she is unmarried and Lady O'Connell was her niece. Mollie's brother, Donogh, was the last male survivor of the family and on his death Mollie became the family representative of the estate until its final purchase.

The mansion was not burned during the War of Independence. It was looted and rough-handled. The British Army camped in the grounds and probably occupied the house. The family got compensation from the British Government.

The McCarthy O'Leary Estate comprised the following townlands in the Millstreet portion of the estate (it extends into Rathmore parish) :- Coomlogane which includes portion of the town of Millstreet, Annagloor, Clarabeg, Claratlea North and South, Ferim, Gortavehy East and West, Toorboney.

The boundary between it and the Wallis Estate is an underground stream that flows under the street between Denis Twomey's (Wallis Estate) and Tim Broker Kelleher's (McCarthy O'Leary) on the South Side and Pat Mahony's (Wallis) and John Broker Kelleher's (McCarthy O'Leary) on the North Side. This stream runs into the Mill Stream and encircles the first houses on Station Road in the O'Leary Estate but leaving all Mill Lane houses upper and lower in the Wallis Estate. Knopogue is McCarthy O'Leary Estate and Droumahilla is Wallis Estate.

2 4 From the Geneological Office, Dublin Castle, per one of the family :- John McCarthy O'Leary( born on 19/9/1814) married Jane Frances? 29/10/1839. He died on 14/2/1896 and she on 15/3/1897. Their children were :- John Arthur born 3/8/1840 (died 29/5/1870, Paris); Pana Charles born 1841 (died 1886 in Australia); Lucinda (died in infancy);

O'Connell (born 1812) on

Elizabeth Mary born 1843 (died 3/1/1920. This Elizabeth it was who went to live with McCarthy of Cobh - called here 'Elizabeth'.) Leonard ? born 1846 (died 10/3/1859 at Coomlogane); William born 4/1/1849 (killed 27/2/1900 in Boer War.); Amy Jane born 6/11/1851 (died 19/3/1873); Maurice Charles born -/3/1854 (died 12/10/1933).

Maurice (same Maurice) was the last member of the family to be buried in Millstreet in the 1940's. Was he legal owner? No - purchase had been made.


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