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fire, got buckets, found the bath full of water and flung it all over the floor and ceiling and burning furniture, they found 7 blazing fires, heaps of clothes and papers, strangest thing of all Sacred Heart badges never burned, windows and doors did not burn.

A crowd of us were down near the Fair Field. The machine gunk and all the firing prevented us coming down the street but one of our boys, Dan Kelleher (Fox) said 'I will go

down the field at the back to see if went with him. They found them afterwards Dr. Bridget Linehan, was

Mrs Linehan and the girls have escaped'. Another




the fact




standing at an


window she saw the RIC

boy girl, and

the Black and Tans coming across from the barrack, trying not open them. Some of them went back to the barrack, got and shutters through the window. She got her mother, Riordan out at the back in time.

doors and windows they could a hacksaw, cut bars, flung bars sisters and girls and Stephen


A neighbour, They called the

Mr Tommy Murphy was waiting, took them in. They did not stay other neighbours, Buckleys and Dan Linehan, his wife and young

children let them

to try to through.

get He

them made

over to the convent. They called Mr them all stay until morning, Bloody

JP Hegarty farther Sunday, Nov. 21st.

down to All were

at first Mass wrecked, we

so all the only tried

boys came to see if they could to block doors and windows.








Stephen Riordan, Dan Lucey and their cousin Neilie 0'Leary who had come in to Mass, they with the boys and girls were all there again on Monday, no work for anybody that day, we started to clear the shop. Heaps of tea, sugar, rice, fruit, peel, everything, bottles of temperate wine, no use in the barrack, pots of jam, broken glass in heaps on the floor, all the hardware out in the street with the safe and small furniture.

We had policeman came

to to

get say

wheelbarrows to try to clear a military officer wanted to

it up, the shutters were under see the owner. They had gone

it. to

A the

country to sleep. When they came in, Stephen Riordan went to tell him. He came across, a khaki dressed officer; he asked to see the wreckage. Miss Linehan brought him in. The crowd of us stopped working to see and hear. He had a dozen war medals on his breast. He said 'Boys, I have to say now what I never thought I would, I am ashamed of the uniform I am wearing, to see this wreck where only a woman and girls lived.' One of our lads up and said 'They are all English military.' The officer said 'They are not under the control of the military, they are the sweepings of English jails and asylums, not under our control.' The RIC had told him at the barrack that the IRA used to hold meetings in the house. The boys



up.' After



at him and


could get into


he went away.

'Do you think house after 7

they are fools, opposite the o'clock, it is always locked

said this

Some time after we heard someone trying to come through the ruins of the hall door. I was nearest so I went out and found Sergeant Mulcahy and the DI. They wanted to see the owner. I had to take them upstairs to find Miss Linehan. When she saw them she told them what she thought of them. Mulcahy said 'You can get compensation'. She said 'I will but not one penny will our own neighbours pay of it, it will not fall on them, we will take it to the Courts and England will have to pay.' For that speech all the hay, corn and farmyard at Mr Linehan's farm two miles from Millstreet at Tullig were burned the next


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