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Texsummit 2007


Technical Textiles – What India need to do now

Dr. Arup Rakshit, Manisha Hira & U. K. Gangopadhyay Synthetic & Art silk Mills’ Research Association SASMIRA, Worli, Mumbai - 400030


Technical Textiles (TT) offers new ways, means and opportunity to the Indian textile industry to sustain the present growth and thrive in near future. It would offer not only an opportunity for augment the growth, but also a new direction for advancement of the industry. The field of technical textiles had not receive adequate importance in Indian context so far, however, it is a potential area where the textile industry can excel. Traditional textiles today are unable to cope with cost of production for various reasons like fast technological obsolescence, high cost of modernization, power, etc. Present product mix of traditional textiles are not remunerative enough and therefore, more and more ideas of value-addition to textile products is gaining momentum. Technical textiles, in this context, are just perfect.

Nomenclature and Grouping of TT

Non-conventional textiles encompassing a wide spectrum of end-applications raised a debate as to whether the term industrial textiles used so far is appropriate to be continued, or it is time now that "industrial textiles" having specific meaning should include those products used as part of industrial processes or which are incorporated in some way into industrial products. Textiles used for medicine, defence, agriculture, fishing, etc. do not attach any specific meaning to "industry" but for the age-old practice of using the term "industrial textiles". Today, the term Technical Textiles has emerged as the most widely acceptable term for this expanding field of textile applications. These technical textiles are defined as textile materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical performance and functional properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.

With the growing dominance of technical textiles, Techtextil, Messe Frankfurt GmbH has classified technical textiles into twelve groups from the application point of view. They are as follows:

  • i)

    Agrotech (Agriculture, horticulture and forestry)

  • ii)

    Buildtech (building and construction)

  • iii)

    Clothtech (technical components of shoes and clothing)

  • iv)

    Geotech (geotextiles, civil engineering)

  • v)

    Hometech (components of furniture, household textiles and floor coverings)

  • vi)

    Indutech (filtration, cleaning and other industrial)

  • vii)

    Medtech (hygiene and medical)

  • viii)

    Mobiltech (automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace)

  • ix)

    Oekotech (environmental protection)

  • x)

    Packtech (packaging)

  • xi)

    Protech (personal and property protection)

  • xii)

    Sporttech (sport and leisure)


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