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Texsummit 2007


framework based on scientific rationale. For example, airbag technology in automobile is identified as a future prospect in western countries because there is a regulation that new car on road must incorporate airbag technology for the safety of the driver and passengers. Similarly, infant garments in U.S. must be fire retardant, which compels production of such textiles.

Deterrents for Entrepreneurs

In order to promote the production of technical textiles, the first and foremost need would be to attract entrepreneurs in the field of technical textiles. Entrepreneurs have so far kept away from the technical textiles in view of the following deterrents :

  • (i)

    Technical textile and marketing aspects thereof are highly complex. Indian entrepreneurs in textiles have so far not faced this complex situation and therefore, may have genuine doubts and apprehensions about success in such ventures.

  • (ii)

    Specific technical textiles demand specific raw materials, machinery and equipment, mostly to be imported and therefore, requiring huge capital towards the project cost.

  • (iii)

    Technical textiles being at an evolving stage in India, generation of technology for product development and establishing specific markets with adequate volumes require huge working capital for a minimum period of 5 years before the entrepreneur could expect fruits of high value addition usually associated with technical textiles. Besides, market development will require sustained promotional efforts which need substantial investments as well as lead time.

  • (iv)

    Developed countries have reached a point of saturation or maturity in bulk of the technical textiles and they are gearing up to enter developing countries including India in a competitive manner in a globalised markets. They have the backing of overall experience in various facets of technical textiles and financial muscle, while Indian entrepreneurs have little or no experience in this direction.

  • (v)

    India being a developing country, the existing norms and mandatory requirements of technical textiles for specific end applications are either outdated or non-existing. As a result, entrepreneurs have an uphill task of introducing technical textiles to end users in the Indian market.


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