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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 10 / 44





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a. Predators are present

b. Species are exploiting different resources

c. Mortality is random and several species are colonizing randomly into a community

d. All of the above

Species occurring relatively late in succession are

a. Relatively poor colonizers

b. Have low resistance to predators because predators are gone by this stage of succession

c. Always present a fixed time after a disturbance occurs

d. All of the above

In a food web, plants are also known as

a. Saprophytes

b. Tertiary producers

c. Primary producers

d. Ecosystems

In order to estimate primary productivity  in an ecosystem by sampling

a. One needs to know biomass only

b. One needs to know biomass and the time scale only

c. One needs to know the amount produced and time only

d. None of the above

Chapter 4

Scope for growth is

a. The amount of food consumed after the reproductive period

b. The difference between the amount assimilated from food and the cost of metabolism

c. The metabolic rate multiplied by the assimilation rate of food

d. All of the above


a. Are conformers with regard to body temperature

b. Are regulators with regard to body temperature

c. Always lose heat to the surrounding sea water

d. None of the above

If water temperature increases

a. Body temperature of homeotherms decreases

b. Body temperature of poikilotherms always increases

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