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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 13 / 44





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b. It is low from there, on down to the deep sea bottom, because of poor mixing with surface water

c. Fine-grained organic matter accumulates there, and microorganisms consume oxygen as they break down this material

d. This is the depth of the North Atlantic Deep Water, which is very low in dissolved oxygen

Most bioluminescent organisms use

a. Luciferin

b. Hemerythrin

c. Magnesium

d. Sodium ion

Chapter 5

Non-sexual reproduction might produce a colony of genetically identical individuals known as a

a. Colony

b.  Reproductive population

c. Module

d. Eusocial

The outcome of sexual selection might be

a. Improved feeding behavior

b. More efficient conversion of energy to production of eggs

c. Increase in the brightness of tail spot coloration in males of a fish species

d. Evolution of hermaphroditism

A sequential hermaphrodite that switches from male to female is

a. Protandrous

b. Gonochoristic

c. Protogynous

d. Anachronistic

Protogynous sequential hermaphroditism may be favored because

a. When large, the individual will produce more offspring if it makes eggs

b. When large, the individual can compete successfully against other females for nesting sites

c. When large, the individual can compete successfully against other males for mates

d. None of the above

Populations with sexual reproduction have been found to be

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