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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 14 / 44





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a. Always more abundant than asexual populations of the same species

b. Always less abundant than asexual populations of the same species

c. Generally consisting of older individuals than asexual populations

d. More resistant to disease and parasites than asexual populations

Many species of corals spawn on the same nights because

a. They hope to maximize interspecies gamete contacts

b. The most phytoplankton food is in the water on these nights

c. The species are keyed into the same astronomical cycles, in order to maximize intraspecific gamete contact

d. These nights are very dark and one can avoid predators

Reproductive effort should increase when

a. A population is subjected to lower adult mortality

b. A population consists of sequential hermaphrodites

c. A population has separate sexes

d. A population is subjected to higher adult mortality

Increased environmental uncertainty should select for

a. Very high reproductive effort with reproduction occurring just once

b. Reproduction should be spread out over several reproductive seasons

c. Extremely low reproductive effort

d. Non-sexual reproduction

A planktotrophic larva

a. Usually develops from rather large eggs

b. Is always capable of dispersal across oceans

c. Is not capable of settlement throughout all of its planktonic life

d. Settles only on hard substrata

Which of the following species types would likely produce the smallest egg

a. Lecithotrophic species

b. Benthic species

c. Planktotrophic species

d. Estuarine species

Fish that spawn in fresh water but feed in continental shelf waters are

a. Catadromous

b. Polytomous

c. Lecithotrophic

d. Anadromous

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