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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 19 / 44





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d. All zooplankton, with the exception of copepods

With regard to diurnal vertical migration, nearly transparent gelatinous forms

a. Pose problems for the energy hypothesis

b. Pose problems for the predation hypothesis

c. Can swim too slow to account completely for their vertical ascent

d. All of the above

Chapter 8

Cephalopods are capable of avoiding predators by means of

a. Rapid color change

b. Production of clouds of ink

c. Rapid swimming

d. All of the above

The teeth of cartilaginous fishes are

a. Fixed and fused to the jaw

b. Composed of replaceable rows

c. Strongly adapted for piercing prey

d. Few in number

Deep-bodied fishes

a. Usually swim at sustained high velocity

b. Are excellent divers

c. Are well suited to maneuvering

d. Are extremely rare

Most bony fish swim continuously

a. By strong movements of the caudal fin

b. By undulations of the entire body

c. By hydro-jet propulsion

d. By contracting a web of surrounding skin

Gas exchange into the fish swim bladder is regulated by

a. The gill

b. The retina

c. The hemoglobin in the blood

d. The rete mirabile

A fish gill and the rete mirabile are examples of

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