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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 21 / 44





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a. Having hair

b. Lacking hair

c. Being able to dive

d. Being herbivores

A member of the Sirenia is

a. The Harbor Seal

b. The Beluga Whale

c. The Blue Whale

d. The Manatee

Whales have a problem diving because

a. They can hold their breath for very short periods of time

b. They inhale air at the surface at high levels of pressure

c. Upon ascent they may suffer release of gas bubbles in the circulatory system

d. Upon descent they cannot prevent large amounts of carbon dioxide from dissolving in the blood and suffer the bends

Sea birds

a. Generally nest in areas with just a few pairs

b. Feed and breed in the same areas

c. Are usually monogamous

d. Feed only by diving  below the surface

Differences in feeding among shore bird species are

a. Best reflected in differences in diving from the surface

b. Best reflected in difference in beak morphology

c. Nonexistent

d. Present, but only in the breeding grounds

Eared seals

a. Never touch shore, breeding at sea

b. Have flippers that are only adapted to swimming

c. Have paddle-like hind flippers that can be rotated forward for movement on land

d. Are only found in the southern hemisphere

Sea turtles

a. Feed and reproduce in the same areas

b. Lay eggs underwater

c. Migrate often thousands of kilometers between egg-laying and feeding areas

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