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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 23 / 44





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d. Light penetration is at visible wave lengths that are longer than for the open sea

Marine snow

a. Forms only in Antarctic waters

b. Is formed only in tropical clear ocean waters

c. Is extremely pure particulate organic matter

d. Is found throughout the ocean water column

Auxotrophic phytoplankton

a. Require only inorganic nutrients to grow

b. Depend upon dissolved organic matter alone for nutrient uptake

c. Probably can grow only in the presence of other living organisms in the water column

d. Appear very early in the spring phytoplankton bloom

Nitrogen is usually taken up the fastest by phytoplankton in the form of

a. Nitrite

b. Ammonium

c. Nitrate

d. Dissolved amino acids


a. Tends to exchange less rapidly than phosphorus between phytoplankton and the water

b. Tends to exchange more rapidly than phosphorus between phytoplankton and the water

c. Is never limiting during the phytoplankton season

d. Only occurs in one form at a time in the water column

In contrast to phosphorous, nitrogen

a. Is only limiting in estuaries

b. Is strongly controlled by microbial processes

c. Is a major factor in energy metabolism in phytoplankton cells

d. Is very insoluble in seawater

In the tropical gyre centers

a. Nitrogen is supplied mainly on windless days from regeneration across the thermocline

b. Nitrogen often comes mainly from excretion processes

c. Nitrogen mainly circulates in the form of nitrate

d. Nitrogen is surprisingly abundant

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