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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 24 / 44





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In the sea the nitrogen:phosphorus ratio

a. Varies greatly between phytoplankton and the water column

b. Varies strongly between winter and summer

c. Of phytoplankton resembles that of the water column

d. Is strictly constant at 1:15

In the water column

a. Bacteria consume far more dissolved nutrients than do phytoplankton

b. Bacteria are consumed mainly by larger zooplankton

c. Bacteria are consumed by protozoans, which provides a link to the rest

d. All of the above

In phytoplankton in offshore waters

a. We would expect phytoplankton to be relatively inefficient at nutrient uptake

b. We would expect saturation of nutrient uptake at nutrient concentrations higher than for inshore forms

c. Only nitrate can be taken up

d. We would expect saturation of nutrient uptake at nutrient concentrations lower than for inshore forms

Nuisance blooms

a. Have become more frequent in recent years

b. Are dominated by dinoflagellates only

c. Are dominated by phytoplankton that lack resting stages

d. Are only associated with turbulent and well mixed water columns

Zooplankton grazing

a. Is not required for a Spring diatom increase to end

b. May produce alternate areas of abundant and less abundant phytoplankton

c. Can fail to increase beyond an upper limit of phytoplankton cell concentration

d. All of the above

Chapter 10

Primary productivity

a. Is always greater than secondary productivity

b. Is always less than secondary productivity

c. Is always completely consumed by higher trophic levels

d. Is all that is needed to calculate secondary productivity

Food chain efficiency

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