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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 25 / 44





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a. Is always greater, the higher you go in the food chain

b. Is an important determinant of the potential fish production in the sea

c. Is usually greater than 50 percent

d. None of the above

The largest number of trophic levels

a. Are usually found in upwelling systems

b. Are usually found in the tropical open sea

c. Are usually found in the plankton of estuaries

d. Is theoretically 3

Dissolved oxygen is usually measured chemically by

a. The polarographic method

b. Radiometric techniques

c. The Calvin method

d. The Winkler method

In the light-dark bottle method, the dark bottle measures

a. The dark cycle of photosynthesis

b. Net photosynthesis

c. Respiration

d. Dissolved carbon excretion

The radiocarbon method

a. Seriously overestimates photosynthesis

b. Gives lower estimates of photosynthesis than the oxygen method

c. Cannot be done in the same environment as the oxygen method

d. Can be used to estimate photosynthesis, but only in the dark

Current satellite-based estimates of primary production

a. Do not require ground-based validation

b. Are hampered by a lack of a detector in the proper wave length range

c. Apply only to measures in the Pacific, where cloud cover is minimal

d. Must be calibrated by surface validation in local areas of the ocean


a. Occurs only near the shores of continents

b. Originates from waters of 100-200 m or less

c. Originates from waters of 1000 m or less

d. Is constant in given areas, with no reversals

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