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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 31 / 44





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Growing erect into the current may be a problem owing to

a. A low Reynolds number

b. Oxygen overload

c. Oversupply of particles

d. Drag

In most cases, suspension feeders capture particles by means of

a. Direct interception

b. Sieving

c. Gravitational impaction

d. Intertial impaction

Wood boring

a. Is found only in the bivalves

b. Involves chemical action only in bivalves

c. Is found only in isopods

d. Is found in bivalves and isopods

Biogenic graded bedding

a. Usually involves transport of coarse particles to the surface

b. Is generated by strong wave action in the intertidal zone

c. Is commonly caused by head-down deposit feeders

d. None of the above

Chapter 14

Intertidal organisms

a. Are usually the same temperature as air temperature at the time of low tide

b. Always suffer from high heat stress

c. Can never move to a place where they can avoid drying out

d. May be cooler than a comparably-sized non-living object on a hot day at the time of low tide

If there is genetically-based color polymorphism in a bivalve, solar heat stress would create conditions for light-colored forms to

a. Be found only at low latitudes

b. Be found in the lower part of the intertidal only

c. Be found in greater frequency in low latitudes

d. Be found in greater frequency in high latitudes

Mobile carnivores are

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