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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 39 / 44





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d. Have very rapid growth rates

Chapter 17

Over a time scale of many millions of years, biodiversity is controlled by

a. Predation rates

b. Intensity of interspecific competition

c. The balance of speciation and extinction

d. Speciation only

Most often, the speciation process requires

a. Intense interspecific competition

b. The establishment of a geographic barrier that divides a species into isolated populations

c. Strong gene flow between populations

d. Low extinction rates

The probability of extinction is enhanced by

a. Reduced population size

b. Restricted geographic range

c. Environmental change

d. All of the above

As latitude increases, biodiversity generally

a. Decreases

b. Increases

c. Stays the same

d. Fluctuates randomly

For most groups, biodiversity

a. Is greater on the Atlantic coast of the U.S., relative to the Pacific Coast

b. Is greater on the Pacific coast of the U.S., relative to the Atlantic Coast

c. Is greater in New England than in the Caribbean

d. Is greater in Alaska than in southern California

In the ocean, centers of high diversity

a. Have much geologically older living representatives than in low diversity areas

b. Are found in high latitudes

c. Have much geologically younger living representatives relative to low diversity areas

d. Are found only in the deep sea

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