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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 40 / 44





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The vicariance hypothesis of biogeography would be supported if

a. All shallow-water species were found on both sides of an ocean

b. Related groups of species are confined to different geographic areas, corresponding to geological history of the origin of the isolated areas

c. Species diversity is higher in diversity centers

d. None of the above

Species diversity might be greater in regions with greater areas because

a. Of the greater population sizes in the larger areas

b. Of the lower extinction rates in the larger areas

c. Of greater diversity of habitats in larger areas

d. All of the above

The fossil record demonstrates that

a. Diversity has not changed much over the Phanerozoic

b. Major mass extinctions occurred, one extinguishing over 95 percent of the ocean's species

c. Diversity has steadily increased over geological time

d. The Pleistocene glacial age caused the greatest extinction of the past 50 million years

The species-area relationship

a. Accurately predicts the species diversity for all groups

b. Predicts more species in smaller areas

c. Has been proven to be completely invalid

d. Probably overestimates the number of species that might survive at higher trophic levels

Genetic markers are useful for marine species because

a. They can identify separate populations for management

b. They can be used to identify species

c. They allow the establishment of evolutionary relationships among species

d. All of the above

Chapter 18

Which of the following is a renewable resource?

a. Coal

b. Petroleum

c. Gold

d. Corn-derived ethanol

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