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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 41 / 44





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a. Are used to identify different species

b. Are always genetically identical

c. Are isolated populations of the same species

d. Must be genetically different

Stock size is usually estimated by means of

a. Scientific surveys of fish populations

b. Theoretical estimates alone

c. Predictions from phytoplankton population size

d. Landings by fishers

If fishing effort goes up and the landings are the same, then

a. Stock size must have declined

b. Stock size must have increased

c. Stock size may have remained the same

d. The premise of increased effort with similar landings is impossible

Theoretically, maximum sustainable yield occurs

a. When fishing rate is at a minimum

b. When fishing rate is modest

c. When fishing rate is very high

d. When only the reproductive individuals are fished from the population

Mesh limits are a problem in assigning a sustainable yield

a. Because the mesh size used may trap many other species

b. Because mesh size may be assigned incorrectly to a given age class

c. Larger animals may be able to slip through the flexible mesh

d. All of the above

Whale fisheries are especially hard to sustain because

a. Whales, unlike fish, migrate long distances

b. Whales, unlike all other fish, have to be fished one at a time

c. Whales have small numbers of young

d. Whales can be hunted at sea by ships that do not have to return to shore

The Blue Whale Unit

a. Was a measure of Blue Whale size

b. Allows the setting of limits on several species of whales in terms of one species' size

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