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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 42 / 44





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c. Was never adopted by the International Whaling Commission

d. Was a color code for whale identification

Why does deforestation hurt salmon fisheries?

a. The logs are thrown into marine waters, which pollutes the habitat for the fish

b. The logs fall into streams, which dams them up

c. The removal of logs encourages erosion, which clogs the fish spawning grounds with mud

d. Deforestation does not harm salmon fisheries

Harmful algal blooms

a. Have been on the decline in the past decades

b. Have been increasing in frequency and extent in past decades

c. Are found only in tropical waters

d. Are confined to areas with mussels

Why do power plants exert some harm on fisheries?

a. Warm water from cooling waters can cause mortality

b. Fish are caught in intake pipe of water cooling apparatus

c. Only A

d. A and B

What group is affected by the parasite MSX?

a. Salmon

b. Oysters

c. Tuna

d. Kelp

Chapter 19

An example of a point source is

a. Runoff from a watershed along a coastline

b. Precipitation

c. Flow into an estuary from an industrial wastewater pipe

d. None of the above

Metals can be especially dangerous in the environment because

a. They are soluble in animal fat

b. They are cumulative toxins

c. They always have effects on the nervous system

d. They cause thinning of bird eggshells

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