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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 43 / 44





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Lead derives from

a. Urban run-off

b. Sewage wastewater

c. Atmospheric deposition

d. All of the above


a. Has proven to have no effect on insects

b. Was the cause of major declines in many sea bird species

c. Affects insects but has no effect on marine crustaceans

d. Decomposes very rapidly in the environment to a harmless residue

PCBs originate from

a. Acid rain

b. Degradation of pesticides such as DDT

c. The bottoms of ships

d. Industrial sources, such as machinery

Oil is especially toxic when

a. It has a large fraction of aromatics

b. It is pure crude oil

c. It has stayed in the ocean for several years

d. None of the above

Which of the following is the most counterproductive way to deal with an oil spill

a. If seas are rough, let them break up the spill and disperse the oil

b. Contain the oil within a floating boom

c. Add lots of detergents to the sea surface to disperse the oil

d. Reduce tanker traffic near hazardous sites

Eutrophication often results in

a. Hypoxia

b. Reduced primary production

c. Decreased pH

d. All of the above

Coliform bacteria counts are often used as a pollution indicator because

a. They cause disease

b. They are a direct estimate of hypoxia

c. They harbor dangerous viruses

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