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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 5 / 44





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Which of the following does not decrease salinity?

a. Precipitation

b. Sea ice formation

c. River water flow

d. Melting of sea ice

Ultraviolet light is important because

a. It is harmful to marine life, owing to the damage it does to DNA

b. It penetrates much deeper than other wave lengths of light and is important in photosynthesis

c. It causes beneficial warming of living tissues

d. It stimulates protein synthesis

The Coriolis effect causes a deflection to the right in

a. The Southern Hemisphere

b. The Equator

c. The Northern Hemisphere

d. The Pole

Seawater is oxygenated on the deep-sea bottom because

a. Bottom seawater originates in shallow water in the tropics where oxygen is abundant

b. Wind mixes oxygenated water from the surface to the deep sea

c. A small amount of photosynthesis occurs on the deep sea bed

d. Sea water in the deep sea originates at the surface in high latitudes

Western ocean boundary currents such as the Gulf Stream owe their origin partially to

a. The eastward rotation of the earth

b. A local reversal of the Coriolis effect

c. Thermohaline convection effects

d. All of the above

Upwelling on the eastern sides of oceans is controlled by

a. The Coriolis effect

b. Local winds

c. Global-scale effects on climate

d. All of the above

Pycnoclines are

a. Vertical gradients in temperature only

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