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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 6 / 44





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b. Vertical gradients in sea water density

c. Vertical gradients in oxygen concentration

d. Small scale changes in current structure

The motion of wind-driven waves affects the bottom

a. At all depths

b. Only in water depths less than 20 m

c. At depths less than half the wave length

d. At depths less than two times the wave length

Tidal forces on the ocean are affected the most by

a. The Sun in winter

b. The Sun during summer solstice.

c. The Moon.

d. The Moon, but only at new moon.

During spring tides

a. The Sun, Moon and Earth are in line, but the Earth can be between, or on either side, of the Sun and Moon

b. The Earth must be in line with the Sun and Moon, but the Earth must be on one side of the Sun and Moon combined

c. The Spring Solstice occurs

d. The tidal range is the least


a. Have an open connection with the ocean and are usually well oxygenated

b. Always have the same salinity as the adjacent oceanic area

c. Are never affected by tides

d. Are likely to have anoxic bottom waters

Estuaries often do not have a discrete layer of low salinity water on top of high salinity water because of

a. Wind mixing

b. Tidal motion

c. Basin shape

d. All of the above

The two factors that most affect sea water density are

a. Temperature and salinity

b. Temperature and oxygen

c. Oxygen and salinity

d. Nitrogen and temperature

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