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Test Bank for Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology 2E - page 7 / 44





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An oxygen minimum layer develops

a. In a fjord at low tide

b. At a depth in the water column in the open ocean

c. Within the sediment, just above a burrowed zone

d. All of the above

Chapter 3

If a forager spends time feeding in one of several patches, and can move from patch to patch

a. It should stay in the patch until all the resource is exhausted and then travel to the nearest patch

b. It should know the number of patches and stay in the patch less time if there are more patches

c. It should stay longer in a patch if the travel time to another patch is increased

d. It should stay less time in a patch if the food in the next patch is going to be a long trip

Prey having toxic chemical are often brightly colored because

a. The toxic compound is usually brightly colored

b. Most prey species with toxic substances are tropical and the color is coincidental

c. The color is a warning given by the victim to never eat the next prey individual when it sees one

d. Predators have attacked a brightly colored poisonous individual and associate color with poison

Substances used as by organisms as poisons to deter predators are often known as

a. Refuges

b. Secondary compounds

c. Fatty acids

d. Hormones

Prey animals have inducible defenses

a. Because they can get rid of the defenses once the predator goes away

b. Because they can instantaneously produce the defense

c. Because there may be a cost to making the defense, so the defense is best unused unless a predator is present

d. All of the above

A series of populations that are interconnected, with some receiving individuals dispersing from others is known as a

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