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Alternate genes at a locus that have different phenotypic effects are known as

a. Dominants

b. Phenotypes

c. Alleles

d. Chromosomes

A cline is a

a. Great change of temperature with depth

b. Spatial change in population density

c. Gradual change in time of body temperature

d. Spatial change in gene frequency

Sibling species are always

a. Found on either side of a barrier, such as Panama

b. Easy to identify

c. Quite similar, but rarely closely related

d. Quite similar, and very closely related

Province borders are often determined by

a. Coastal geographic barriers

b. Breaks in temperature

c. Oceanic barriers to shallow water species

d. All of the above

Predation and disturbance both have the following similar effects on community structure:

a. They both inevitably increase the number of coexisting species

b. At high disturbance and predation intensity, the number of species increases

c. At modest disturbance and predation intensity, the number of predatory species increases

d. At modest disturbance and predation intensity, the number of competing prey species increases

The best way to demonstrate the effects of interspecific competition is

a. Watch competing species and wait for one to displace another.

b. Perform an experiment: Add large numbers of predators

c. Perform an experiment: Remove one of the hypothetical competing species

d. Look for negative correlations in abundance between one species and another from place to place

Coexistence of species in a community may occur when

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