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Inheritor of a Dying World Initiatory Experiences in the Golden Dawn


As we are all ‘Adam Kadmon’; microcosmic manifestations of macrocosmic expression, the effect of a grade can occur not only on an individual level. Often your attention will be drawn to an element’s power in the larger world around you. For example, shortly after my own 2=9 (air), my gar- den fence unexpectedly blew down in freak winds and I found myself cursing the power of air whilst trying to sal- vage my prized Buddleia bush. In another example, as a teenager I painstakingly spent hours creating a fan made of feathers. I travelled all the way down to Glastonbury and climbed up the Tor one dark, moonlit night in order to con- secrate the fan. Immediately afterwards, it promptly blew away never to be seen again!

I am sure that some readers will be able to identify with these retrospectively humorous accounts of dealing with elemental forces (or should that be ‘farces’?) Though initiations can be highly subjective and personal experiences, conversation reveals that there are also resonating, common threads to be found. Whatever magical initiation you are deal- ing with, you will be meeting the same archetypal energies and Godforms that many before you have encountered.

This leads on to the concept of the initiatory current. This is the belief that there is a spiri- tual force or link, which is passed by the initiator to the initiate, thereby plugging them into a particular egregore. In some areas, much emphasis is put on ‘lineage’, with people eagerly recounting how many generations they are from Person A or Temple B.

Personally, I think that with the right knowledge and approach, it is possible to plug one- self into most spiritual and magical currents, independently of any particular initiator. This is why astral initiations do work, though there are other reasons to consider if one is in the fortunate position of having a choice between astral or physical initiation.

Personal accounts of initiation Here are some extracts written by people who have undergone a Golden Dawn initia- tion. Readers who have also experienced the power of the outer order grades will find some echoes of their own experiences here. For those who haven’t, they will give you some idea as to how powerful the initiatory process can be.

Frater S., after having just taken his Neophyte exam with a view to attaining his 1=10, had the following dream;

‘I dreamt that Soror E.T.A.T.C. and I were about to embark on a journey to find the tomb of Anubis. We were with other people, one of whom was a close friend. We were walk- ing along a road that we knew would lead us to the underground tomb but the en- trance had been blocked by a rockfall. I instinctively knew that it had been caused by

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  • initiatory current

  • is the belief that

there is a spiritual force or link, which is passed by the initiator to the initiate, thereby plugging them into a particular egregore.

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