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No landowner shall construct a fence, wall, guy wire, brace or any fence post upon or protruding over a street line or adjoining property.

Fencing requirements for in-ground or above-ground swimming pools are per regulations of the Uniform Construction Code or other regulations specifically designed for swimming pools.

A temporary garden fence can be utilized from May to October and may be constructed from chicken wire fencing.

Maintenance. All fences and walls shall be maintained by the landowner of the property in compliance with the requirements of this Part including, but not limited to, the following maintenance standards:


The landowner of the fence or wall is responsible for the routine lawn maintenance of all areas between the fence or wall and the adjoining property or street line including weeding and grass cutting and trimming.


The landowner shall repair broken, damaged, removed or missing parts of a fence or wall within the time frame prescribed below in §303 of this Part. The repair shall be with the same material, or material with comparable composition, color, size, shape and quality of the original fence or wall to which the repair is being made.


All fences and walls shall be maintained in sound structural condition.


The landowner shall maintain fences and walls, including those existing prior to the adoption of this Part, at all times in a state of good repair, safe and secure condition.


Existing fences or walls that were constructed prior to the adoption of this Part that were constructed with materials not currently permitted by this Part may be maintained as long as no part of the fence or wall is or becomes unsafe, dilapidated or a public nuisance. If the Borough determines the existing fence or wall is unsafe, dilapidated or a public nuisance the fence or wall must be repaired with materials approved by this Part or removed. For purposes of this Section, a dilapidated fence or wall means a fence or wall which is decayed, deteriorated or fallen into partial ruin.

Fences or Walls Within Easements.


No fence or wall shall be located within any area of any easement that would adversely affect the function of the easement or conflict with the easement agreement.


Approval by the Borough to place a fence or wall upon a utility easement does not waive the obligation of the landowner of the fence or wall to remove the fence or wall upon demand of the easement holder. The landowner of the fence or wall shall remove and rebuild the fence or wall at the landowner’s expense.






(5, PART 3)


Supp. V; added 9/12/2011

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