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Appendix 6

Faculty Comments From The Rubric Development Process

Faculty in every college present in the conference will be aware of what needs to be done for students needing basic skills. We will make better decisions when developing our curriculum because we have a very detailed document to fall back on, especially, when we don't know where to start from; the descriptors and the levels are all in one place. It is like we have a road map for a very complex and demanding journey-helping limited English proficient students transfer, own businesses, or reaching any goal they have in mind in this English speaking society

We had a well-defined task that had immediate applicability.

C'mon! Hundreds of faculty agreeing simultaneously on issues of extreme importance? I am surprised that people weren't flocking to the Doubletree to witness the miracle.

People were given a chance to work on specific meaningful tasks. Although, since reading had no historical point of reference, it really did require more time even in this initial process. We were often rushing and felt pressure to simply get the job done. This is not really good enough.

This is an historic moment. People at my table felt that our discussion was purposeful and healthy but nearly impossible on our home campuses.

We were a group of experts in the field who genuinely care about our students and realize that the first step is to obtain correct data.

We worked TOGETHER with a wide range of perspectives from different colleges.

I think this meeting was important and the issue of coding IS a very important one, given the emphasis on reporting. We certainly want the reports to mean something. I thank the organizers for the concept; I am concerned, however, that the product of our efforts will be given more credence than it should have given our rushed efforts.

It finally feels as though the work that is being done will be used for definite purposes that will benefit all community colleges. It is fine to give time to complete something this worthwhile.

The conference was a very necessary gathering. There was a time constraint, yet every step of the workshops were done very systematically. We need to go back to finish the task. I feel it was done in a rush. However, I feel somewhat confident because every decision we made was based on the descriptors from California Pathways. The staff in charge was a group of highly qualified professionals. My best regards for every single one of them

This is one of the best uses of time I have participated in for a very long time. It was informative, productive and focused. Good job.

I was telling my VP Instruction today about this and what it set us up to do. He raised his eyebrows at the ambitious plan, and was VERY surprised when I was able to tell him we accomplished the goals. His remark? "Wow! You must have had some GREAT facilitators!" Indeed we did! Thanks all for a really productive and thought-provoking day.

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