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3. Berkeley College has every English and ESL coded with the same code, level two. Student progress would be completely flat, regardless of the students’ successful completion of the courses and progress to the next level.

The coding differences listed above represent only a quick look at the English, ESL, and reading coding for the first few colleges, reported out in alphabetical order beginning with A’s and B’s. You can begin to estimate the magnitude of the coding inaccuracies for the rest of the 110 colleges.

“So how did this inaccurate coding occur?” you might ask. One possible answer is that there are currently no instructions for CB 21 coding of English, ESL and reading courses. Also, there is no comparability between the course titles or course content other than the transfer level courses. This situation exists because each college developed their own courses based upon their specific student population, mission and vision. This is one of the strengths of the community colleges in California where diversity between colleges and communities is some of the greatest in the United States.

However, even in mathematics courses, where more specific instructions for coding exists and coursework is more clearly defined, the inaccuracies were notable. The coding instructions suggested that the classes coded as CB 21 A, one level below transfer, should be prerequisites for transfer or degree applicable courses such as Intermediate Algebra and CB 21 B should indicate Algebra 1/Elementary Algebra. (See Appendix 5 for the specific language.) But even with these more specific instructions, coding errors abounded. See the examples below.

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