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IMPORTANT! The enclosed materials are provided to you on the express condition that you agree to this Software License. By opening the diskette envelope or using any of the enclosed diskette(s) you agree to the following provisions. If you do not agree with these license provisions, return these materials to Automation Consulting Services, Inc., in original packaging with seals unbroken, within 3 days from receipt, for a refund.


This software and the diskette on which it is contained (the “Licensed Software”), is li- censed to you, the end user, for your own internal use. You do not obtain title to the Licensed Software or any copyrights or proprietary rights in the Licensed Software. You may not transfer, sub-license, rent, lease, convey, copy, modify, translate, convert to another programming language, decompile, or disassemble the Licensed Software for any purpose.


The Licensed Software is provided “as-is”. All warranties and representations of any

kind with regard to the Licensed warranties of merchantability

Software are and fitness

hereby for a

disclaimed, including particular purpose.

the implied Under no

circumstances will the Manufacturer or Developer of the Licensed Software be for any consequential, incidental, special, or exemplary damages even if apprised

liable of the

likelihood of such damages occurring. Some states do not allow the limitation exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation exclusion may not apply to you.

or or

Incorporated (OEM) Driver Amendment

If you own the ACS MODBUS driver (Incorporated Version), this license is amended to provide for the free or for-profit distribution of software incorporating MODBUS Driver code as follows: you may distribute executable programs using the complete and unaltered ACS MODBUS Driver DLL (Incorporated Version). No royalties or additional licenses are required to distribute such standalone programs. Note that you may not transfer or duplicate the documentation or other materials in such a way to enable end users to use the DLL in their own products without acquiring a license from ACS.

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