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Google Australia Level 18, Tower 1 Darling Park 201 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: 02 9374-4000 Fax: 02 9374-4001 www.google.com.au

most popular content on www.youtube.com.au will differ from content displayed as most popular content on www.youtuble.co.nz.

The principal feature for users of YouTube and similar user generated content (UGC) services is spontaneity of sharing of video content, enabled by immediate global availability of content when uploaded by a user. This feature was well demonstrated by the Boxing Day Tsunami disaster in Indonesia, where YouTube become the initial source of video reportage on the disaster and stimulated an early international relief effort. YouTube has also enabled empowered near real time election coverage of elections and other events of public interest by uploading of content by a broad range of users and commentators in many countries around the globe. The wealth in volume and range of content uploaded to Google each day from around the globe is such that it is simply administratively and financially impossible for Google to pre-vet or otherwise intermediate the vast quantity of content as it is uploaded.

YouTube has built a community that is highly motivated to watch and share videos. Maintaining the safety and integrity of the YouTube community is essential to YouTube’s attractiveness as a reliable and safe place to view user generated content. YouTube Community Guidelines are published - see for example www.au.youtube.com\t\community_guidelines.

The YouTube service is operated on a global basis and handles inappropriate content on a global basis and applying global community standards. It is not administratively practicable for YouTube to pre-vet user-generated content, or (following complaint and review) to rate user-generated content in accordance with diverse and inconsistent national classification standards. However, while content is hosted on servers located in the USA, Google recognizes that YouTube content will be available to be viewed by a diverse global audience with different expectations and tolerances as to particular forms of content. Google recognizes its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen and that YouTube’s success is dependent upon maintaining YouTube as a trusted consumer brand that is accessible and broadly acceptable to persons of different ages, nationalities, cultural, social and national sensibilities and sensitivities and concerns. YouTube must accordingly be responsive to user concerns and assiduous in addressing areas of universal concern such as protection of children from harm and exposure to inappropriate content.

YouTube actively protects the safety and integrity of the YouTube community in the following ways:

  • policies

  • enforcement

  • product features

  • education and innovation.

Content when evaluated is considered against a number of criteria. Generally prohibited content includes the following material:

  • sexually explicit or pornographic material

  • instructional (or capable of imitation) bomb making and drug abuse

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