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  • graphic content intended to shock or disgust

  • violence which is graphic, gratuitous or humiliating

  • hate speech

  • stalking or harassment

  • posting of other’s personally identifying information.

Some prohibitions that are specific to children are:

  • any content deemed to be exploitive of a child

  • content endangering the safety or privacy of a child

  • drug use of any kind, dangerous use of fire or explosives by a minor

  • videos of interest to child predators

  • inappropriate provocative behavior by children

  • fights involving minors or taking place at a school or playground

  • predatory behavior, including the aggregation or posting of content containing

children for the purpose of obtaining or eliciting sexual gratification

In addition to take-down of prohibited content or, where appropriate, classification of content as “restricted”, YouTube implements a number of abuse prevention and safety incident reporting measures. These include:

  • digital hashing detects duplicate file uploads and globally blocks rejected content

  • policy violators received ‘strikes’, repeat violators are automatically terminated and their email address is permanently banned

  • child safety, exploitation and harassment policy offences result in immediate termination and banning

  • policy violations involving children are reported to a designated YouTube team member who is able to further investigate the user and content involved

  • child pornography incidents are escalated and reported to law enforcement authorities

  • YouTube works with appropriate authorities in relation to threats, support for possibly suicidal users, victims of crime and others that are identified as in need of assistance.

The focus of the draft RAS Declaration is of course implementation of restrictions as to age restricted content. YouTube regulates age restricted content in the following ways.

A user may at any time ‘flag’ content for review by YouTube. Google promptly considers, and where appropriate responds, to ‘flagged’ content that the user considers to be prohibited, or inappropriate for unrestricted viewing. Currently, YouTube staff consider the ‘flagging’ and promptly review the ‘flagged’ content to determine

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