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whether this content violates the Community Guidelines. Content which YouTube determines violates the Community Guidelines will be taken down. YouTube staff may also give a warning notification to the uploading user or terminate the uploading user’s YouTube account.

Content which is acceptable within the Community Guidelines, but which upon review by YouTube is considered inappropriate for viewing by younger viewers, is placed behind a restricted access system. This restricted access system requires a YouTube user wishing to access relevant content to be a registered user. To register a prospective user must enter their email address and declare their age and be allocated a user name and password. Only after the password has been issued and entered by the user is access granted to the restricted content. Users are cautioned to maintain the confidentiality of their passwords so as to ensure that only a user to whom a password has been granted obtains access to relevant content.

In summary:

  • content which following review is marked “restricted” can only be viewed by users who have completed a registration process requiring them to declare their age as 18 and over

  • viewers must be logged in to view “restricted” content

  • an interstitial warning screen is displayed before “restricted” content is displayed. Users must click to confirm that they wish to view “restricted” content before being able to view that content

  • “restricted” videos do not appear in video browse pages (e.g., ‘Videos being watched right now on the home page) or ‘featured videos’ on the YouTube site

  • only content that is not prohibited by other content policies can be classified as


Google’s interest in the draft RAS Declaration is not limited to the YouTube service, to the extent that it may one day be captured by the requirements in Schedule 7. Google, along with other players in the internet industry in Australia and internationally, is well known as a product and service innovator. Google will launch other products and services that may include content which potentially falls within the definition of “content service(s)” potentially regulated by the RAS Declaration (when made). Some services may make available provider originated content, some will make available user generated content, and some will be a combination of the two. Google intends to develop and implement its services in a manner which properly manages the risk that children may be exposed to inappropriate content. Google does not consider that national regulation is generally necessary to cause providers to properly manage the risk that children may be exposed to inappropriate content. However, to the extent that Australia and other countries consider it necessary or desirable to supplement self-regulation by service providers, Google seeks to facilitate the development and implementation of national regulatory regimes that protect children from harm and exposure to inappropriate content while facilitating development and the implementation of technological solutions to these important

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