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Phyllis Concordia

Avon Independent Sales Representative




Congratulations on deciding to host an Avon Beauty Bash!  We are going to have a lot of fun and you are going to earn some great discounts on your favorite Avon products.

The amount you can earn in free products is dependent upon the total sales amount of all guests who attend the party and place their order during the party.

LevelTotal Party SalesMaximum in Free Products For You

1 $0 - $50.00  $5.00

2 $50.01 - $100.00  $10.00

3 $100.01 - $150.00  $15.00

4 $150.01 - $200.00  $20.00

5 $200.01 - $250.00  $25.00

6 $250.01 - $300.00  $30.00

7 $300.01 - $350.00  $35.00

8 $350.01 – $400.00  $40.00

9 $400.01 - $500.00  $50.00

10 $500.01 and up  20% of sales total

If you place an Avon order during the party, your order total will go towards the Total Party Sales amount.  The maximum you earn in free products will be applied towards your personal Avon order, or you may opt to not place an Avon order and just select your maximum amount in free Avon products.

I will handle all aspects of the invitations; you only need to supply me with a guest list.  Guests attending the party are required to pay at the time their order is placed.  They may pay with cash, personal check, or credit card.  When your guests’ orders come in, I will bag them for you and deliver them to your house.  You may deliver them to your guests, or ask your guests to pick them up from your home.  

When you book your Avon Party, I will supply you with some Avon brochures.  Pass them out to friends, family and coworkers and let them know that you are going to have an Avon party.  You may also give brochures to friends who are unable to attend but would like to place an order.  Their order total will go towards your Total Party Sales.  Simply have them call or email me and mention your name.

Tell your potential guests not to shop for beauty products and the like prior to the party!  Let them know how wonderful and affordable Avon products are so they will be encouraged to do their shopping at your Avon Party.

I look forward to having a fun and successful Avon Party with you!


Phyllis Concordia

Avon Independent Sales Representative


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