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But I will tell you that it's not that I will be lying awake sleepless, Tom, because I am comfortable that our systems are progressed to the point where we can do this.

With respect to the carrier reactions, I will tell you one of the things that we're very focused on as a company is ensuring that everything we do is additive and helpful from a customer perspective. We do a customer satisfaction survey every quarter. We've been doing that for the last four years. We have not always been in the position that we are in and many of you that have been tracking this industry for a while do know that the relationships between tower companies and wireless customers have not always been phenomenal. It was more of a landlord/tenant relationship than it was a valued partner and supplier relationship.

We've worked very hard over the last four years to ensure that we have worked on that. Our whole company is about serving our customers at an optimum level. Tracking our results, we have been making very good progress in that particular regard and do in fact in the customer satisfaction surveys that we conduct, rank at the highest levels of this industry, the tower industry.

I would hope that the carrier reactions will be, and certainly I'll be meeting with all of them in the next few days and weeks ahead, that the carrier reactions will be that what we're able to do now is offer this expanded portfolio complemented by our processes and systems, as Jerry was mentioning earlier, that they now have access to these 11,000 towers without necessarily having to wait quite the period that it would have taken if Global was doing this on their own. They'll be able to access these towers through our databases, through our internal processes, with our people that are working in our various different area offices.

We're simply more established in running this size of a tower base than is the case at Global Signal so what I would hope they would saying is given what we have done as Crown Castle to date and the fact that this is going to continue to be a focus of ours which is optimized customer satisfaction, that they'll be pleased with this transaction and that they will recognize this is an opportunity for them to be able to have this 1 company they can work with on a lot more of their solutions than they could have previously because we simply had only half the total towers in our portfolio.

Tom Lee

Gotcha, thanks. Very helpful, guys, and congratulations.


Thanks, Tom.


Thank you. Our next question comes from Jim Ballan with Bear Stearns. Please go ahead.


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