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nowhere so t against doubling the footprint and the leasing opportunities in the marketplace in these top 100 markets, we think a very fair trade.

What I would also add is given the performance that Global Signal has accomplished on these assets, that went a long way to giving us comfort around their ultimate value as co-location opportunities. There has been a significant amount of leasing on these sites, and to us it appears that there is a significant amount of demand yet to come.

John Kelly

And just to punctuate the point, Jim. As you know we've been running our 11,000 towers now essentially with the exception of the two smaller acquisitions that we've done last year and this year, for the last five years or so and so there really isn't an element of tower ownership and operation that we don't understand because every portfolio has unique situations and you come across them and you work with them.

We certainly feel very comfortable that we knew all the right questions and all the right things to look at and did in fact focus on understanding the assets from the perspective of operating these assets post the close. I can tell you that we're comfortable that we understand the assets and we understand what any unique issues some of the assets might have, as you're pointing out, the original Pinnacle towers and so forth. We understand those because we spent the time to be looking at them.

Jim Ballan

Terrific. Thank you and congratulations to you all.


Thank you, Jim.


Thank you. Our next question comes from Michael Rollins with CitiGroup. Please go ahead.

Michael Rollins

Good morning.


Good morning.

Michael Rollins

Just a couple questions. First, how long has SouthPointe been used to analyze acquisitions for you guys?

John Kelly

We've been using SouthPointe, and as you know it is an absolutely evergreen process because what we're finding is every time we think we know kind of what the specific engineering objectives are for a particular carrier, as we work with them on identifying which towers specifically in our portfolio we should be preparing for them next, because that was the genesis clearly of Project South Point. It was ensuring that we were able to work with our customers on those sites that were of higher importance to them, ensuring that we were ready to be able to help them co-locate on that tower from a tower perspective, a compound perspective, so forth and so on.


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