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I also think about the opportunities provided to not only this sector but the wireless industry generally by a whole generation of Americans that are really growing up in a wireless-only world, and that is nothing but beneficial for not only the wireless sector, but for the tower companies in particular.

I think the combination of these two companies is going to enhance our ability to capitalize on those macro trends. It is a location driven business, and if you think about the Global Signal footprint, 63% of our towers today are in the largest 50 cities in the United States, 76% in the largest 100 cities. Those are the right locations because that's where all the wireless traffic is which will continue to drive even more lease up and demand for space on those towers.

Secondly, as John said, customer service. What really drives the performance of these businesses after location is the service we provide to our customers. The combination of these two terrific and outstanding workforces is going to benefit not only the folks that work at our company, but it will continue to I think improve the growth trajectory of both companies going forward.

John Kelly

Thank you, Jerry. If we now turn to Page 5 you can see some of what Jerry and I have both been talking about, the very complementary nature of these two tower portfolios and how they come together.

A common theme with both Crown Castle's tower portfolio and Global Signal's tower portfolio is our industry leading concentrations in the top 50 and top 100 markets. Bringing these companies together creates a tower company with the most towers, over 16,000, in the top 100 BTA’s. And equally exciting for us at Crown Castle this combination adds seven new top 50 markets to our portfolio, enhancing our tower solutions for our customers so we're quite excited about what we're going to be able to offer to all of our customers in terms of solutions to the needs that they have for coverage, expansion as well as new application deployment.

This combination creates the number 1 tower operator in the United States with over 22,000 tower locations in the U.S. The pro forma company's Q2 2006 annualized revenue is $1.2 billion with 76% of that revenue coming from the Big 4 wireless carriers.

Q2 2006 annualized adjusted EBITDA for the pro forma company is $659 million with $329 million of recurring cash flows.

As mentioned previously, this transaction will create the premiere tower company in the U.S. with the most U.S. towers located in the best markets. 73% of the pro forma towers will be in the top 100 BTA’s with 56% in the top 50 BTA’s. In fact, we will have as many towers in the top 50 BTA’s as any other tower company has in the top 100 BTA’s. This is clearly important because as new networks are deployed or new wireless applications are


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