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Introduction to Bank Lending Environment

Library of 7 Courses

Time taken to complete each Course: Two - Three hours

  • 1.

    Credit and Economic Growth The effect of credit and inflation on the economic growth of an economy The various factors responsible for creating a credit crunch in the economy and its consequences The importance of credit in stabilizing the financial system

  • 2.

    Commercial Lending The important functions of commercial banks viz. lending and accepting deposits The principles of lending and the eligibility criteria for grant of loans The three C's of credit and the enhanced 3C's of credit

The different types of loans and advances that are granted by banks The various characteristics of a good collateral

3. Working Capital The concept of working capital and net working capital The concept of current assets and current liabilities The method to work out optimum working capital The various methods of assessing the working capital The kinds of credit limits available under working capital

  • 4.

    Bills and Letters of Credit The various types of bills and letters of credit The methodology to scrutinize bill

  • 5.

    Lending Against Shares The concept of market capitalization The various types of ratios Operations of primary and secondary market

  • 6.

    Lending Against Real Estate The challenges faced by the housing finance industry The different types of housing loans The importance of credit appraisal before disbursing a housing loan The different types of mortgages

  • 7.

    Term Loan The components of capital The various types of leverage The concept of cost of capital and valuation The types of long-term sources of fund

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