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Surgical Procedure of Primary Site: Colon

  • Code 30: Segmental resection, partial colectomy

  • Code 32: Partial colectomy plus resection of contiguous organ

  • Code 40: Subtotal colectomy, hemicolectomy

  • Code 41: Hemicolectomy plus resection of contiguous organ

Code 30 for colon includes those procedures that excise the tumor and some of the surrounding normal tissues without resecting the entire segment of the colon. A resection of a segment of the ascending colon is assigned code 30. If a portion of a segment of the colon is resected and an organ contiguous to the segment of the colon is also resected as part of the same procedure, code 32 is assigned. If a portion of the sigmoid colon was removed and the bladder was removed as part of the same procedure, this would be an en bloc resection and code 32 would be assigned. Procedures coded to 40 are subtotal colectomy or hemicolectomy. The difference between subtotal colectomy or hemicolectomy and partial colectomy is that a subtotal colectomy or hemicolectomy is complete resection of a segment of the colon. Partial colectomy or segmental resection is only the removal of tumor and surrounding tissue, not an entire colon segment. A left hemicolectomy or right hemicolectomy is assigned code 40. If the operation is described as a sigmoid colon resection, read the pathology and operative reports carefully to make sure the entire sigmoid colon was resected. If it was, assign code 40 for the surgical procedure of primary site. If the procedure performed is hemicolectomy or subtotal colectomy plus removal of a contiguous organ, assign code 41. For example, if the procedure was right hemicolectomy with removal of the small bowel as part of the same procedure, assign code 41.


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