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An Anthology of Poems by Kids with Diabetes - page 10 / 10





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Do I Have It?

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Diabetes affects a few.

I don’t feel like I have it. But fingerpricks and shots Are what I get!

David, 8


The Way I Feel About Diabetes?

The way I feel? The way I feel about diabetes? The way I feel is like it ain’t even real! I never thought I would get diabetes. I’m a fifteen year old girl Trapped in and out Of the hospital world. I wish it was fake So I could take all the hate Out of my mind. I joke about it, Trying not to cry about it. Emotions run through my mind. I wish I could lay around for a long period of time. To be a teen girl like me with diabetes – It’s hard. I just wanna go and escape my life. Being young with diabetes, it’s kinda hard. You can’t enjoy sweets, and half the time You feel so, so weak. I wish I could run and hide And escape all the feelings I have built inside.

Jakiya, 15


In My Binder

I keep my blood sugar numbers In my binder.

I keep how much insulin I take in my binder.

It’s hard to have diabetes Because it’s hard to remember To check my blood sugar Six times a day (& write it in my binder), And take my insulin four times a day

I have to put the time whe In the blanks in my binder.

n I take it

(& write it in my binder), And to count up my carbs (& write it in my binder).

I have my own little log in my binder To write down my carbs, blood sugar, & insulin. Sometimes I forget to check my blood sugar

I have to check my blood sugar Six times a day And write it in my binder.

before meals. And sometimes I forget to take my insulin after meals. So – there are a lot of blanks in my binder!

I have to take insulin Four times a day And write it in my binder.

Janie, 12



I don’t like pricks Because they hurt my finger. Pricks are icky. Pricks are messy. And I give them to myself!

Jared, 8


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