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An Anthology of Poems by Kids with Diabetes - page 6 / 10





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I’m with You

I’m right here beside you Whether you’re happy or feelin’ blue. If you ever feel down or sad, I’m here to make you feel glad. Sometimes you might not think I care, And you may want me out of your hair! I’m your brother and your friend. I’ll always be with you through thick and thin. And I’m not goin’ to lie. When I found out about you, I began to cry ‘Cause even though you make me mad, You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. When Mom and Dad are away at their jobs, I’ll help you with all your diabetic probs. So I hope you know how I feel about you And this situation you’re going through. I’m with you now And I’ll never leave your side. No way, no how!

Alex, 15, sibling

What Diabetes Means to Me

All the kids who have it must be brave. They get shots every day. Their blood sugar gets high and low. I help my brother a lot. I know he doesn’t like shots or pricks, but he is so brave. I know how he feels because he tells us every night! I tell him I will play doctor with him to make him feel better. I think he enjoys aggravating us because he has to take shots. I think that makes him feel better, too, so my other brother and I go along with it!

Rebecca, 11, sibling


Living With Diabetes

Diabetes since eight Man this isn’t great I’m just a kid, I love to eat, eat something that’s sweet, Something sweet is what I like to eat. Diabetes is serious, It is hard to live with, It’s hard to believe That now I ‘m 15 and diabetes doesn’t control Me anymore, I’ve pretty well kicked it out the door. I control it. It don’t control me.

Now I can eat something sweet. I’ve come a long way. A long way I’ve come with my diabetes. My body feels better. I have a glow.The life of my teenage years is a mist in the wind once again. My diabetes doesn’t control me anymore!

Sarah, 15


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